The Artist

Nicholas Wentworth

To me there are few things more inspiring than the full blown roar of a lion, or the display of an elephant, his head raised, ears wide open.

I was born in Zimbabwe, but have lived most of my life in South Africa. Much of my childhood was spent helping out in various game reserves and it was then that my passion for wildlife was realized. I have always considered myself a natural when it comes to the arts, but after school I decided to follow other career paths. This led me to an urban lifestyle and despite success in various trades, I had a void that needed to be filled. I escaped back into the wild and now find myself happily working as a game ranger. In nature I feel at home and inspiration for my artwork is drawn from the animals I have come to know.

Having had no formal training in the field of art, I rely purely on natural talent. My medium of choice is charcoal. I love the simplicity of it and with each stroke I wish to not only bring paper to life, but to capture the soul of the subject.